The Parish Renewal Experience (PREX) is actually not an organization but a spiritual formation that is considered as a new way of life in seeing Christ in others.

It’s a revival of one’s commitment as he strengthens his sense of belongingness to his parish and his Catholic faith.

I attended the PREX back in the late 90s at Parish of the Holy Cross in Makati.

This weekend, Ate Rea Rosales invited me to attend the PREX in St. Martha Parish, which is one of the young parishes in the Diocese of Imus.


The PREX is a three-day seminar consisting of talks on life experiences that will aid the participants to improve their relationships with their family, neighbours, peers, and to embrace God’s graces and love. It also aims to boost the attendees to share their 3Ts (Treasure, Time and Talent) in serving God and ultimately to evangelize their dearly brothers and sisters who are poor in spirit and bring them back to the Lord.

Fr. Mel Sandoval, our parish priest led the talk about renewal and being an active part of the Catholic church.

PREX is a rediscovery and a strong recall into belonging to our church. This is one way of learning that the parish is not a “We and They” relationship, but a family living and loving one another.

It started in 1970s and spread like wildfire allover the globe.

PREX enabled the lay servants to have a better understanding of the Word of God and allowed them to be of service to Him and His people.

I am looking forward this weekend for a PREX refresher experience.

We pray that all the participants will have a deeper encounter with the Lord this weekend.