Today’s Sunday activity with Awesome Kids Ministry is a meaningful reminder that God is present everywhere, 24-7.

But, we compartmentalize our lives too much.

We tend to separate our spiritual/sacred life from the secular world.

Many people see their lives as divided wedges, like pieces of pie, with little real connection to each other.

Our response as Christians to our Heavenly Father should be unlimited, all encompassing, and comprehensive. It should not be limited to church on Sundays and some personal devotions during the week. It should appear in every dimension of our lives.

God created us to love Him with all our being.

Living out one’s faith should be a natural overflow of the soul-stream within.

To a man who lives unto God nothing is secular, everything is sacred. He puts on his workday garment and it is a vestment to him. He sits down to his meal and it is a sacrament. He goes forth to his labor, and therein exercises the office of the priesthood. His breath is incense and his life a sacrifice. He sleeps on the bosom of God, and lives and moves in the divine presence. To draw a hard and fast line and say, “This is sacred and this is secular,” is, to my mind, diametrically opposed to the teaching of Christ and the spirit of the gospel.


Awesome Kids Ministry servants at work. God is here, 24-7!

On a practical level, how do we overcome the spiritual/secular divide in our everyday lives?

We must understand this problem intellectually, then move this truth from our heads to our hearts. That is the hard part.

Here are three suggestions:

Understand that the real distinction in our lives is between righteousness and unrighteousness. Between living in union with Christ, conforming to God’s character and commands (righteousness) and not rebelling against God and his commands. This is not a struggle we will win on the strength of our own labor. We will only win it if we yield to the Holy Spirit working in each one of us. This requires much prayer.

Be reminded of what is required of those called to serve in God’s kingdom. The only way to do this is by being in God’s Word. Paul tells Timothy that the Word of God “is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (2 Tim. 3:16)

Remind yourself throughout your day that what you are doing at that moment is spiritual. As we start 2018, let everything you see and hear remind you that what you are doing is spiritual, and, in ways you might not completely understand, serves our great God.

Faith in Jesus Christ is not mere mental assent but a life-changing, life-pervading relationship with the living Lord.

When all the parts of our lives are surrendered fully to the Lord and bringing honor to Him, then and only then are we truly living.