Ilonggo cuisine is one of the best Filipino gastronomic treats that we can be proud of.

During our stay in Iloilo, we enjoyed the flavors of Modern Iloilo in a relaxing riverside dining experience at Punot, which served delicious seafood and Ilonggo dishes with fresh twists.

Punot offers a relaxed and casual riverside dining experience that Ilonggos and tourists will surely enjoy.

We strolled at the Riverside Boardwalk along the Iloilo Esplanade (near Smallville complex where our hotel was located) before we had our dinner.

Special shout out to Ninong Ricky Pacquing and Ninang Mary Ann Pacquing for the dinner treat. They celebrated their wedding anniversary with us.


The restaurant was named “Punot” after basing it on the Ilonggo word for fish pen, as the region where Iloilo is in is known and considered to be a paradise for seafood. Aside from that, this restaurant does not just highlight a variety of flavorful seafood dishes but it also speaks for itself by beautifully symbolizing how they continuously catch customer’s attention with great food and memorable experience they gradually offer.

We enjoyed the Pomelo Balingon – perfect for diners who want a light healthy meal. Loved the unique combination of sun dried anchovies, pomelo, and generous cashew toppings.

According to Explore Iloilo blog, the restaurant traces its roots from Estancia, the Little Alaska of the Philippines, known for its fresh seafood and rich fishing grounds. Owners, Chef Tope and Andrea, decided to bring Punot to the city in tribute to their parents, Lea and Rogelio, who built the family’s two restaurants in Estancia – Friends (1987) and Punot (2000).

Inspired from their travels around the world, both Chef Tope and Andrea wanted to give a new and exciting dining experience to the Ilonggos. Expect to enjoy local typical dishes fused with culinary elements from international cuisine, a taste of Flavors of Modern Iloilo.


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