Who will you vote?



The election campaign for the next leader of the country sizzles with a lot of propaganda and sensationalism. Just a mini-survey: who will you vote or voted (OFW) for the next President?

All the candidates sign the Integrity Pledge but will they honor it? I hope so.

I sign this Integrity Pledge for free, orderly, honest, peaceful, and credible elections, and through my words and actions, commit to abide by the tenets of our Constitution, election laws, rules and regulations, respecting the sanctity of our electoral exercise.

I will not employ any form of violence, force, or threat that may impair, impede, or unduly influence the free exercise of the people’s right of suffrage. I will ensure the prompt and accurate, reporting and disclosure of campaign-related expenses.

I will not offer or give bribes or gifts to corrupt the integrity of our democratic process.

As a candidate seeking the people’s mandate in order to serve them, I shall respect the norms of conduct expected of public servants and commit to run a clean campaign, observing fairness, common decency, honesty and good faith.

All these, I commit and subscribe to, freely and voluntarily, fully accountable to Almighty God and to the Filipino people as my witnesses.

Most of the presidential candidates did not discuss the issue on health care specifically on how they are going deal with cancer?

I would like to know what are their programs for cancer patients, survivors and conquerors.

Let us all hope for the best!

Cheers for great health & wealth!