Few years back, I’ve never imagined that I will experience the blessings of travelling to the city of love but God has a way of surprising me with His loving angels sent from heaven to remind me of His greatness.

Special thanks to Ninang Racquel Reyes and Ninong Wilbert Reyes for their generous sharing of blessings. I will not mention the details but from the ampula of my pancreas, I appreciate all the love.

To a dear sister, fellow servant and co-pilgrim in World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid who toured us in Iloilo and gave us a taste of the Ilonggo hospitality at its finest, thank you so much Sis. Jo-An Mendez!

I felt God’s love in action.

Love and more love

The ‘pilapil’ walk going to the humble abode of Sis. Jo-An Mendez in the middle of a rice field and so many wonderful memories in Iloilo

May God reward you a hundredfold for sharing your blessings and valuable time.

Such kindness and caring gesture will forever be etched in my heart.

And I offer this simple prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus – every good and perfect gift is a blessing from You and You have blessed me with so much and I ask that You would use me to be a blessing to others who are in need or facing difficulties.

Make me a channel of Your blessing – a channel through who You love and peace and joy and love flow out from You through me to others. May I be Your hands to bless others – may You guide my feet to places where I can go and be a blessing… May my speech be seasoned with salt so that I may speak words of comfort and encouragement – and speak the truth in love, and give me the grace to be available when others are in need.

Lord that You may increase in my life and I may decrease – so that the blessings that You pour through me to others may draw each one closer into the arms of the Lord Jesus, in Whose name I pray,


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