A special day of thanksgiving for the loving and passionate people of upland Amadeo last week. My wife was born and raised in this beautiful municipality where coffee takes centerstage as a source of livelihood for the family.

Every year, the town fiesta was something to look forward to. My inlaws sponsor yearly a sumptuous feast for the ‘musiko’ or the marching band that goes around the city early in the morning for a heightened festive ambience.


My loving wife as the cutest baby in the world carried by my father-in-law. Amadeo was boldly proclaimed by former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2002 as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines” (Batangas might have something to say to that), coffee being the main product of the town.

Dubbed as Pahimis Festival it aims to promote Cavite coffee varieties for domestic and worldwide consumption, to encourage and revive the interest of farmers towards coffee farming, increase coffee yields through proper techniques and skills training, and to create a competitive coffee price in the world market.

The municipality of Amadeo was being hailed as the Coffee Capital of the Philippines and boasts of its 4,508 hectares of coffee farmland, the largest land area devoted to coffee farming in the entire upland of Cavite, making it the province’s biggest coffee producer.

Several activities for the festival were held for the local and tourist revelers like the search for the “Coffee Queen” or the “Mutya ng Pahimis”, coffee talk and demonstrations, the unique coffee dance marathon and the yearly float parade.

Other activities included a thanksgiving mass, recognition of the Most Outstanding Coffee Farmer, exhibit of local food/delicacies, a trade fair, a variety of shows for the entertainment of guests and a coffee farm tour promoting the agri-tourism sites.

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