We celebrated today the 60th birthday of Papa Franco Bayot, a loving father, a caring husband and a passionate servant of God.

Papa Franco at 60

Turning 60 may add wrinkles to your face, dark circles under your eyes and pounds to your tummy, but it will never take away your beautiful outlook on life (and that’s what counts, anyway). Happy 60th birthday, Papa Franco!

Together with my wife Judith, here are the 60 Things We Love About Papa Angkoy:

  1. You love us, me, Judith, Kle, Aya and Mama Dorie unconditionally and it shows.
  2. You exposed your children to the importance of serving God first before anything else.
  3. You chose your children’s interests over your own on countless occasions. We appreciate your sacrifices.
  4. Your example of how to parent is exceptional and we hope to apply it soon.
  5. You inspired us to see the beauty in every thing.
  6. You have supported your daughters every day of their life.
  7. You take care of yourself emotionally and mentally.
  8. You are a brilliant electrical engineer.
  9. You are a gifted teacher, mentoring Kle & Aya.
  10. You are a fantastic cook.
  11. Your pantry and fridge are always well-stocked.
  12. Your homemade hamonado is delicious.
  13. Your homemade everything is delicious.
  14. You teach Math like an expert.
  15. You have a knack for finding solution to complicated Math problems.
  16. You have a good taste in the best things in life.
  17. You admire good craftsmanship.
  18. You surround yourself with inspiring people.
  19. You enjoy learning new things.
  20. You listen carefully.
  21. You always know the diplomatic thing to say to people or about situations.
  22. You always remind us of what’s truly important and allows us to see the bigger picture.
  23. You believe and trust in God.
  24. You do not judge quickly.
  25. You give openly to those who are in need.
  26. You celebrate the talents of others.
  27. You are patient with others, but…I have never known you to be a doormat.
  28. You are a skilled mediator, even in difficult situations.
  29. You are unflappable in every situation.
  30. You pursue your interests with your whole heart.
  31. You maintain your masculinity while asserting your power and strength.
  32. You have experienced setbacks medically, but continue to try to improve your health everyday.
  33. You are a talented leader, especially in the trenches of a job or project.
  34. You have honed that difficult-to-master skill of saying “No.”
  35. You are not afraid to dream of something better, more creative, more interesting and satisfying.
  36. You like adventure.
  37. You have a large vocabulary.
  38. You are a good storyteller.
  39. You remember fondly events of your childhood and enjoy sharing stories these treasured moments.
  40. You are fun to play games with and are a good sport.
  41. You are fun to tease.
  42. You are a good joker.
  43. We love your laugh.
  44. You are the McGyver of the house.
  45. You are a morning person.
  46. You give glory to God on how you live your life.
  47. We are proud to claim you as our Dad.
  48. You are always willing to try new things.
  49. Looking to the future, you see possibility, despite your current struggles.
  50. You are not afraid to start over.
  51. You are so brave.
  52. You are an optimist.
  53. You always believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
  54. You are a Marian devotee.
  55. You believe that every problem has a solution.
  56. You love your siblings and Nana.
  57. You find ways to appreciate life amidst challenges.
  58. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
  59. You have a winsome smile.
  60. You are a loving son of God.

Happy Birthday, Papa Franco!

May this next chapter of your life bring everything you deserve, every good thing.

With love,
Me & Judith

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