More than 7000 SFC members all over the world trooped to Globe Circuit Makati and celebrated the CFC – Singles for Christ (SFC)’s 25th anniversary “Relentless” international conference.

Thank you Lord! I witnessed this historic event right before my eyes.

More than the big stage, bright lights and spectacular video/audio features – I was inspired by the community’s effort to look back to its history and trailblaze to another 25 years full of optimism and clinging on God’s faithfulness.


SFC Fearless Team beaming with hope.

A heart that overflows with God’s love- felt and shared by everyone through the years.

Here are some important event snippets that pierced my hearts from SFC Global official facebook page.

Icon 2018

During the opening mass, SFC members were reminded that controlling what comes in our mouth is as important as what comes out from it. We are encouraged to consider fasting of what goes out of our mouth and to remember the following: To fast from foul language, to keep judgment from spilling out of our mouths, to try to control verbal negatives, and to let the world know about Jesus. By fasting, we give God space in our lives.

SFC Icon 2018

If we are to remember things our journey as Singles for Christ, remember the following things: First, remember that God loves you. Second, remember Jesus Christ. Third, remember repentance. Fourth, remember the power of the Holy Spirit that is made available for all of us. Lastly, remember that God has sent us tools (community, prayer, sacraments).

SFC Icon 2018 1

Recognized as the “Most Honest Tricycle Driver” in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Manuel Loma is a member of Singles for Christ in 1997. He shares how he has continued to do good things in his own field while living out the Christian life that he learned in SFC. He continues to help people, being honest with them, especially to his passengers in his daily living without any cost.

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