Twenty years ago, I volunteered for DZRH Operation Tulong and I found my ID while searching for some old files.


Circa 1998 volunteerism with DZRH Operation Tulong.

I was a college student when I was invited by Sister Wilma Du.

She was like a second mother to me in the parish. She was a cathecist and a servant leader in the community.

Because of her, I met a lot of fellow volunteers and had a chance to do live radio report during the wee hours of the morning.

During my stint, I met Tita Dely Magpayo who was recognized as the “First Lady of Philippine Radio” due to her long and outstanding service in the broadcasting industry.

She was well-loved by generations of listeners and advice-seekers who tuned into her radio counselling programs.

DZRH Operation Tulong is still active, the goal of the program was to help fellow Filipinos who are in need of medical or financial assistance.

They uphold the tagline: “Pagbubuklod sa sama-samang paglilingkod, noon, ngayon at sa darating na panahon!”

Why did I volunteer as a young college student in 1998?

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them.

1. Gaining New Experiences and Insights

Volunteering allows students to get involved with new things and develop technical, social, and academic skills that couldn’t be learned in a classroom environment. It allows you to experience different environments and situations.

Volunteering brings out new interests, hobbies, and opinions; moreover, volunteering expands students’ horizons.

2. Creating Connections with People

No matter the age, building relationships with people is crucial. Not only does the volunteer work you do as a student show who you are as a person, but it reflects many positive character traits. Volunteering allows you to meet a wide variety of people from all sorts of walks of life.

3. A Sense of Accomplishment

Volunteering isn’t one of the most plush, easy, or glamorous of jobs, but it is one of the most beneficial and uplifting. While no monetary compensation is received, many will tell you that their work and experiences gained as a volunteer were worth way more than any money they could have gotten from another line of work.

Think of it like this: volunteering is done on a person’s own accord. It’s taking some time out of your day and helping others. Volunteer work makes us feel good. It builds self-confidence and lifts up the spirits.

Choose a community that you want to support and volunteer now!

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