As a kid I loved going to school but this kid really takes it to the next level! This kid will become somebody in the future with his determination.


The boy with white snowflake on his head in the pic named Wang who now known as “snowflake boy” in China. He lives in a remote rural area of YunNan, a province of China, where most parents migrated to urban areas and seek better job opportunities to support their families. (Photo credits to the owner.)

At 0°C, the body freezes and humans at such temperatures feel numb, almost unable to take steps or make any movements. At such temperatures, an average human is an Eskimo!

There are those accustomed to such temperatures, they live in it and will continue to survive in it but how about a 10-year old kid walking 4.5 kilometres (km) under a sub-zero temperature of -9°C? That’s no mortal combat, it is a mortal combatting all manners of impossibilities and coming out victorious. Herald, the coming of the Snowflake boy!

A Chinese boy, Wang Manfu has triggered the attention of the world when he completely redefined the word, “dedication.” The boy whose name means “full of happiness” has been dubbed the “class clown” by his teacher but it’s high time that tag changed to the “class crown.”

For a 10-year old kid to be aware of his humble background and brace himself up for the challenges ahead, mindless of what humans or nature posts as snags is a feat many old men and women have died unable to achieve.

The world is waiting for Wang to continue his display of total dedication, irrespective of what he feels, how he reacts to the harshest conditions or what the public opinion says about him. His ambition was simple, get to school, write exams, move on and get closer to make his family a better one.

With his frozen hair and swollen hands, he looked totally like a legendary poster boy for a weird book of fiction. For once, Haile Gebresellasie running those long distance looks ordinary, Wang is the new synonym for extraordinary and has courted the attention and gaze of the public with his extremely rare achievement.

Despite living in a mud house with his sister and grandmother, he’s shown a level of hunger and determination that will not take him to the city but bring the city close to him, after all, that’s all the city preaches too, determination and a hunger to succeed.

With his parents now working in the city and his father now gainfully employed, little Wang can focus better on his studies as he has sparked a donation to help him through his education and help sponsor many kids like him who may have gotten scared of going to school on a day in winter.

For his sixteen other classmates, Wang is a clown but for the terraces of greatness, and the hunger that should now be named after him- like you have a “Wang” hunger, that is a strong desire to achieve something, the clown owns the crown and his frozen hair looks like a perfect one- a crown for the brave!

The future holds a great deal for Wang if he sustains such determination and the world is watching, with $100,000 already made in donations, Wang may never have to trek again under such harsh conditions but the world will remember him for reminding us that “impossibility” exists only on the tongues of the unwilling.


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