I met Fr. Bong Guerrero after the 8am session of The Feast in PICC.

People lined up to buy his happiness book.

I was intrigued who he was.

He flashed some peace sign during the photo op.

He was cool.

Very jolly.

All smiles.

I approached the table and bought his book, “Tragedy & Serendipity – Burdened But Happy.”

I asked for a photo op, as usual my name was a conversation igniter then I shared to him my healing journey.

He advised me to get the book’s 2017 edition.

He was like a father flipping the pages of the book and showed me the chapter about Mhai Opiana.

She was a breast cancer patient at the young age of 20. It went to her lungs and later into her liver.

He will forever remember Mhai not how she died but how she lived.

One becomes a hero not for winning a battle, but for providing inspiration to others.

Like Mhai’s positivity, showering down like confetti, reeled up from her unconditional gratitude to God – Fr. Bong admonished me to remain faithful.

After the conversation with Fr. Bong, I realized that happiness is a choice.

Whatever burden you are experiencing right now, make the right choice to be happy and to be grateful to God.

Our conversation inspired this blog post.

I googled Fr. Bong’s name and I found out that he had some share of tragedies in life.

But, it never stopped him from living a mission-filled life.

From ashes, he rose like a phoenix full of hope.

He was scarred but he remained true to his calling.

Like Fr. Bong, may we learn to trust God more.

From his book, he shared:

“Nothing and no one is too bad for God, in fact nothing and no one is bad in the eyes of God. He created everything good! Our mistakes, wrong choices and bad decisions can never remove, erase or obliterate the innate goodness that God planted in our being.”

Fr Bong

Remain to be happy! Fr. Bong Guerrero flashing his winsome smile

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