I never played Jenga until Keizia, a beautiful little girl introduced me to it.

The game was fun and exciting!

She was only three-year old and yet, she was like a teacher who lectured me. I was focused as a student.

Well-behaved, I should say.

We started out with a bunch of blocks on the table and built a tower of stacked blocks.

For every block added to the tower, it got stronger–eighteen stories strong!

Once the tower is complete, the real game starts. When it’s your turn, you get to pull out one block below the highest completed story (one hand only please! – di naman natutupad, hehehe) and you (gently!) deposit it on top of the tower.

After a few turns, there is a lot of strategic thinking going on as every missing block weakens the tower even though it may still look quite stable for a while.

And for every block that is added to the tower, the balance shifts as well.

The weight of the tower shifts, and some pieces become easier to pull out than others. At some point, the tower collapses and that’s the end of the game.

Mind you, by the time the tower collapses, there is the same amount of blocks as when the game started, but the tower can’t stand on its own any longer. It does not collapse because it lost some blocks, or because the blocks lost their strength.

It collapses because the whole of the tower is compromised by the new placement of the blocks. The same blocks that formed a strong tower before cannot hold it together any more.

The tower collapses because it is unbalanced.

And I can’t help but compare this game to a family –so strong when each member takes his or her place, so weakened when members move apart from each other, even if it still looks stable for a while.

Your family is like a strong tower. You need to be connected more to each other.

Forces will be pulling you each other apart.

The family is strong when each member takes his or her place, so beautifully designed by God.

In terms of our relationship with God, we are like Jenga blocks. We are created in perfection and built by every good deed that we do, to be a strong tower for God. Then sin entered the world.

As we sin, we create holes within us, weakening our structure slowly. We allow sin to slowly consume us to a point where we are covered with holes and eventually collapse – a broken tower.

However, by the grace of God, we can be mended through the Sacrament- the divine gift of Reconciliation.

Reconciliation builds us up again.

You are perfectly imperfect in God’s eyes and it is by His grace that despite falling into sin, He will love you inevitably and unconditionally.

You are always loved!

Have a blessed weekend!


Tower of family & love. My beautiful Jenga game teacher – Keizia.

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