Each person, each life form, and each and every single day is not just another reminder on a calendar, it is a gift wrapped in papers of opportunity, challenge, insight, foresight, and other things.

We may not feel we have made an impact on the world, but you never know when someone is listening to our words, taking note of our actions, and basking in the warmth of our smiles and our kindness.

Live life.

Go against the tide.

Appreciate people more.

Before 2017 ends, I want you to know that I am forever grateful to you who is reading this piece of my mind in the world wide web.

Thank you for sharing your time.

Thank you for scrolling down and reading my post.

Thank you for sharing it, if you find it useful.

Next year, there will be more ramedy to come!

More years of blogging and keep on reading!

I hope your 2017 was a blessed one and for 2018 have a meaningful year ahead!


Savoring every moment. Bonding with my wife sisters Twinkle & Aya – movie date and pigging out on some modern fusion of Filipino cuisine at Mesa restaurant.