Did you know, the average person clicks on their phone more than 2,600 times a day? It’s true. We’re clicking on social media, we’re buying things, we’re watching cute or funny videos. But how many of those clicks lead to something truly meaningful?

With MISSIO, launched by Pope Francis and powered by the Pontifical Mission Societies, just one click has the power to save a life.


The Pontifical Mission Societies developed MISSIO, a crowd-funding platform, to allow Catholics from around the world to join together as a community of support for the Pope’s missions. MISSIO is changing lives each day because of its ability to take the small acts of generosity by individuals – often just a few dollars each – and collectively making their giving something that makes a huge impact.

For Catholics, MISSIO is proving to be a eye-opening experience. The platform gives donors the option of choosing exactly how they would like to help… Want to purchase bricks for a new church in Nairobi, Kenya? You can do that on MISSIO. How about seeds for a greenhouse in Uganda? You can do that, too. Want to purchase life-saving medicine for children in Puerto Rico? You guessed it, MISSIO allows you to do that, too.

This Advent, the Holy Father urges all Catholics to direct their attention toward helping children through MISSIO. Want to bless – or even save – the life of a child in the developing world? Visit MISSIO now and give.

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