Did you ever receive a pink memo?

While browsing the group page for Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Survivor, Mark Andrew Head, an Irish patient wrote a powerful letter that caught my attention, I felt his angst and disdain, I can relate to his struggles and his bravery:



Just thought that I would write and remind you how much I loath you. Your invasive presence is too dire to adequately express in words. Disdain and contempt don’t even come close. I object to everything about you. You not only affect me but my family and friends too. For a non-communicable disease, you infect a great multitude.

Psychologically, physically, economically and socially you affect me.

Don’t say that you didn’t get the memo, I am putting you on notice. Even if you snatch my physical health (I will not go quietly). You will never covet my soul that belongs to me. You hold no sway there. So huff and puff and blow yourself out, you don’t own me. You are an interloper, an uninvited, parasite and a bottom feeder.

You can kiss my ass, harass me and send legions against me. You will never, ever win. Invictus is my rally cry and Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” is my theme song.

Give it all you got, I am gonna give twice as much back at you.

A Fighting Irishman

P.S. You suck!



Courage! It is God’s victory not mine. My wife & I are wannabe Balay Dako ambassadors – their hearty, healthy & delicious breakfast buffet is a must-try in Tagaytay.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Fight hard. Never surrender. Take courage everyday.

The battle will never be easy.

Enjoy the journey.

You will learn a lot.

Never lose hope.

You are healed, claim and believe it!

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