After 17 years, I am back in Divisoria, the shopping haven of Manila. A place where the ‘chi-chi’ crowd and the ‘masa’ converge for a ‘pleasurable’ retail experience.

As we celebrate Bonifacio day today, sugod mga kapatid! Shopping na sa Divi!

The retail hubs change but the hustles and bustles remains the same.

The sheer guts and determination of the street peddlers are one for the books. No amount of small space would hinder them to promote their business.

Every inch counts.

Shouting on top of their lungs to catch your attention.

Putting your bargaining power to the test.

Rain or shine, life moves on.


Divi is life! Bargain hunting for the Christmas season.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Filipinos are the best shoppers. They are willing to spend money for quality and value for money.

Communicate with them as often as possible. Show to them that you care. Lavish them with sincere praises.

The ‘suki‘ culture or taking care of returning customers like your family will make a big difference in your business.

On the other side of the fence, the Filipino retailers are the most resilient and hardworking.

Amidst losses, they are always smiling.

Business challenges makes them strong.

As a retail marketer for almost two decades both in the Philippines and in the Middle East, the Divisoria market is the best on-the-job experience for would be retailers or successful business owners.

There are a lot of wisdom that you can learn.

From logistics, operations, finance to customer management and many more.

Pagpapawisan lang talaga ang kili-kili mo pero sulit naman!

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