It was a ‘big’ challenge early this year.

The tumor in my pancreas grew bigger. My world crumbled into pieces.

It was a devastating CT scan result.

The oral chemo did not help in shrinking the tumor.

My oncologist told me to avail of radiation therapy.

It was a risky advice but I heeded to his recommendation.

I asked assistance from a radio/oncologist to evaluate my case. There were two types of radiation.

Linear radiation was available at Cabrini Cancer Institute but the damage to the nearby organs in my pancreas was high.

The other type was tomoradiation, the risk of damage was lower compared to the other.

Unfortunately, it was not available in Southern Luzon that time.

They recommended me to Calcultta Medical Center in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Radiation therapy must be done in 30 to 35 sessions.

The cost was a whopping 10k per session.

Where will I get the money?

Will I survive the treatment? What if not?

Tons of uncertaintains and concerns.

Who am I to question God’s plan?

I was surprised what happen next.


Surrender. God’s victory on the horizon. I believe.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Yield. If you don’t know what to do, surrender.

God has a bigger plan.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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