Naiwan ka na ba sa ere?

Nagtrabaho ka ng marangal pero iniwan ng lahat?

Katulad ni Rudolph sa larawan (photo credit to the owner), bakit kailangang lumaban pa kahit marami na ang nanakit sa iyo?

Umaasa ka na may makikipaglaban katulad mo pero wala palang maaasahan?

As an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), there are times you are left-out most of the time.

The challenge of being alone in a foreign country always crept in.

Eating on your own.

Home-sick most of the time.

Maraming nganga moments.

It takes one to know one. I was one.


Maraming adjustments.

When you are working in a multi-national environment, you have to compete on a different level. Like in any other job, results and output matters.

Kayod pa more.

During crisis situation at work, if you are weak to defend your turf, you will be thrown out of the bus.

Kaya kahit mag-isa ka, matuto kang lumaban.



Naiwan pero lumaban. Go forth even if others fall behind.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Focus on your mission. Even if others will leave you behind, you will find the courage to move forward.

Like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer that have a very shiny nose – let our passion light your way to success.

Laban o fight lang!

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