Where did chivalry go?

Where are the men who are supposed to offer their seat for a pregnant woman?

The photo (courtesy of Otep Delos Reyes) was an eye opener.


Where are the true men? A pregnant woman patiently waiting for some courtesy.

Gone are the days of the true gentlemen?

So, is chivalry dead?

Is it because men are too busy with their gadgets?

Or the feminist movement was successful in promoting equality? If men can stand up and wait, why not women?

When I was young,  my mother always reminded me to respect the elderly and pregnant women who are standing in public places by offering my chair.

In public transportations like LRT and MRT- senior citizens, persons with disabilities and pregnant women have a special area for easy access.

According to the law, a public bus must allocate the first row seats to passengers with special needs. Unfortunately, it was not followed strictly.

I have personally experienced with my wife that the Balagtas/Bocaue buses to Manila are implementing this religiously.

You are being whisked to the back by the conductor if you are not a senior citizen.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Men offer your chairs especially in public places. It will not affect your manhood. Gone are the days of machismo mentality.  Show to others what you are made off.

You are a true men because…

You are courteous.

You respect people with special needs.

Have a blessed day!

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