What will my kids look like?

Are they chubby?

Are they cute?

Are they good singers like mommy and daddy?

Are they good dancers like their aunties and uncles?

Are they handsome like their lolo or gorgeous like their lola?

Only God knows.

I still believe in miracles.

I undergone chemo and radiation for my healing. There are a lot of risks and you know what I mean.

It was not an easy experience to accept but I remain optimistic and hopeful that God will bless us an angel in His perfect time.

I love kids and I hope I will have my own soon.

Sebastian Benedict Granfon Arumpac or famously known as Baste, a trending child star in social media always inspires me.

He was discovered by Eat Bulaga and became one of the youngest hosts of the longest running noon-time show in the Philippines.

Baste makes my day. His winsome smile and innocent demeanor was a big hit among his fans like me.

He was only two (2) years old when he started to belt out pitch perfect songs.

He was the youngest concert artist and a successful brand endorser.

He launched his own album on live TV. He will  also take part in a major movie for the Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) this December.

Baste is my peg for my soon-to-be son. Jolly, carefree and full of life.

He is one of my hope fillers in this world full of hate and anger.


My angel. Baste and the child in me.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Be childlike but not childish. Innocent but full of love. Oozing with positive vibes. No time to fret on small things that doesn’t matter.

Full of trust in his loving God.

I know I will have my own Baste soon; I believe and I claim it in Jesus name.

You are always loved!

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