Have you experienced a “call” from Christ?

A nagging call to serve and to love God.

Be a priest or a nun?

Be a religious person for single blessedness?

Or marriage life?

What is your vocation?

The word ‘vocation’ itself derives from the Latin verb, vocare, to call. A ‘vocation’ is a call.

When I was in college, I met an inspiring person; a man of God whose words and actions put a deeper meaning into the word ‘priesthood’.

He was our chaplain in PLM chapel, a brother/friend to many but for members of Student Catholic Action (SCA), which is the oldest Catholic youth movement in the Philippines, he was a listening father, an understanding spiritual director and a humble servant of the Lord.

Fr. Dave Clay, MSSC is a world-renowned Marriage Encounter facilitator, a passionate devotee of the Blessed Mother Mary and a Columban missionary.

When I was a servant in PLM chapel, I experienced an unusual chest palpitation. I told this to Fr. Dave and without any hesitations he brought me to Makati Medical Center and introduced me to his cardiologist. I was grateful that it was not a serious condition. Fr. Dave became a caring father to me. His gesture of kindness thought me a lot about life. Our life is meant for service. It should be shared.

For more than 50 years of service in the Philippines, he helped thousands of couples save their marriage. Inspired many young people to become more closer to God and to be a partner of the Catholic church in enriching the faith.

This coming December 18, he is turning 82 years old and his age did not hinder him to continue the Columban mission works.

Now that I have chosen my vocation, which is married life, I will always remember what he said:

“Strong marriages are founded on loving communication. It is when we give importance to listening to our partners that we build stronger and lasting partnerships. When we listen, we recognize the importance of the thoughts, feelings and sentiments of our partner. When we listen, we tell them of our love for them because we value what they have to say.”

Fr Dave

A life of service for others. Fr. Dave Clay inspiring young people during the 35th anniversary of PLM- Student Catholic Action (SCA).

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today;

Pursue your passion. Like Fr. Dave, he was committed to serve God and he did it with love.

What is your calling?

We can know what God is calling us to do if we learn to listen to him.

Set a daily prayer time and stick to it. To hear God’s calling, you must listen. To listen to God, we must learn to pray. To learn to pray, we must make time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us how. Listening to him involves patience and obedience, so be still in your prayer time and allow God to speak in the silence of your heart. This takes practice, but like any good relationship, your relationship with God will deepen according to how much effort you put into it.

Have a meaningful life!

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