Did you know that laughter can cure cancer?

And, this is not a joke.

I should have laugh more before.

This was revealed during the Kerygma Conference 2016 class about “Spiritual Healing through Laughter” by Paolo Trinidad, who is the founder of Pinoy Laughter Yoga. He is the first Certified Laughter Yoga Professor of the Philippines. Paolo trained in Bangalore, India under the Laughter Yoga International Founder, Dr. Madan Kataria.

According to him “diaphragmatic” laughter can help relax, improve one’s mood and boost the immune system.

He added that there is a medical study proving that laughter increases the natural killer cells, lymphocytes, which enhance the immune system.

He shared some laughter exercises during the class, which was designed to increase the level of serotonin, a chemical regarded by some researchers as responsible for maintaining mood balance. A low serotonin level in the body is said to lead to depression.


Laugh your way to healing. Paolo Trinidad tickling participants for more boisterous giggles.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Laugh more. Don’t fret about small things. Avoid stress. Watch more comedy shows and films. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be with friends who laughs with you not laugh at you. Those two are different.

If you want to catch Paolo Trinidad, you can visit for more information.

I encourage you also to attend Kergyma Conference 2017, he will have a class on “The Power of HAHA: Why Laughter is Good for Your Body.” For tickets visit

You are healed!

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