How do you keep the love going?

Keep the fire burning. Buhusan mo ng gaas at paypayan mo pa.

Love is like a fire. You have to keep it ablaze always.

As a young couple we were happy together. As the elders say, we are still on the honeymoon phase of marriage life. There are still a lot to come.

Indeed, its true.

We never expected cancer to hit us on the face.

It was a big challenge.

But, God is bigger. He has a grandeur plan.

After more than a year of chemo treatment and from being bed-ridden, I still looked for opportunities where we can still nurture our faith as a couple.

I am grateful that the Lord renewed my strength.

When the invitation came to attend the Lux Couple’s Retreat organized by the Light of Jesus Community in The Feast Bay area, I encouraged my wife to attend. She agreed gladly.

Blessed experience.

My wife and I will never forget it.

It was an opportunity to rekindle the fire and to renew our marriage vows.

We were part of Batch 17.  One of our co-participant was Bro. Audee Villaraza, one of the Feast Bay Area builders/preachers together with his loving wife.

I cried like a baby during the retreat because my heart was overflowing with joy and thanksgiving for the Lord.

He gave me so many blessings.

The gift of time together praising and worshipping the Lord with my wife was priceless.

We met couples who have different challenges than ours. Courageous partners in life who stood the test of time.

We were binded by the power of the Holy Spirit to reign always in our marriage life.

Special shout out to our service team for their commitment and dedication.

For marriage couples, I recommend that you attend the Lux retreat and find time to arrange your schedule.


Blessed experience. Beaming with smile with Fr Larry Paraon (top left) and with Bro. Audee and Sis. Kristel (below left) at Lux Couples’ Retreat Batch 17 (September 2016)

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Keep the fire burning. Find ways to nurture your relationship. Never stop learning together. Make more memories.

Stay blessed!

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