Do you know why beauty queen always smile?

World peace.

So, why not become a peace ambassador everyday?

When I first arrived in the Cancer Institute, I noticed that most cancer patients have that warmth smile that brings hope to everyone.

An assuring smile that everything will be fine amidst the harsh effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It became my source of inspiration to survive everyday.

Ditay & Me

Baby smiles. My beautiful and loving wife (left). You know who is in the right.

Here is my A Dose of Ramedy today:

Smile more. Think of people and memorable experiences that put a smile on your face. Be generous in sharing it to others. You just don’t know, it might lift up someone’s feeling today.

Since, it is the 23rd day of the month, I would like to dedicate this special song to my wife who gave me so many reasons to smile.

Smile In Your Heart

I had a feeling that your holding my heart
And I know that it is true
You wouldn’t let it be
Broken apart
Cause it’s much too dear to you

Forever we’ll be together
No one can break us apart
For our love will truly be
A wonderful smile in your heart

When the night comes
And I’m keeping your heart
How I feel so much more secure
You wouldn’t let me close my eyes
So I can see you through and through

You’re a sweet tender lover
We are so much in love
I’m not afraid
When you’re far away
Just give me a smile in your heart…

You brighten my day
Showin’ me my direction
You’re comin’ to me
And givin’ me inspiration
How can I ask for more from you my dear
Maybe just a smile in your heart

I’m always dreamin’ of being in love
But now I know that this is true
Since you came into my life
It’s true love that I had found

Oh I pray that you wouldn’t leave me
Whatever may come along
But if you do
I won’t feel so bad
Just give me a smile in your heart…

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Give me a smile in your heart…

Flash those winning smile now and have a great day!

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