Are you a Lily Cruz in a world full of Ardientes?

Victim of injustice.

Imprisoned in the debilitating clutches of anger.

Always wanted to get even and fight back.


You always find an excuse that you are a victim.

When I was diagnosed with a rare case of pancreas cancer, I took the victim card.

I blamed others and circumstances in my life. I pointed fingers to everyone.

I did not even speak for three days. It took a while to sink in.

Until, I realized that I need to stop acting like a victim. I decided to claim God’s victory in my healing journey.

I started to let go of things beyond my control.

Living life one day at a time.

More optimistic.

More hopeful.

More faithful.

Overflowing joy with love.


From a victim to a conqueror. Taken in 2015 during my chemotherapy session. (Photo: Ninong Jerry Tanigue)

Here is A Dose of Ramedy Today:

Stop playing a victim. Take hold of your actions. Be accountable for yourself. Let go and let God. Start living your life.

You are abundantly blessed!

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