Are we invaded by aliens?

Lodi. Petmalu. Werpa. Erp. Erma. Matsala. Enka. Orb.

I was surprised listening to teens using these words while they passed by our house. I thought they were on drugs.

Then, I saw it in my news feed in social media and heard it over TV used by noon-time show hosts.

It is the fad language of the present generation. Lodi = idol; petmalu = malupet; werpa = pawer; erp = pare; erma = mare; matsala = salamat; enka = kaen; orb = bro; and the list continues.

As a communicator, we are always in the prowl for what’s in or the latest trends.

I handled retail for so many years and I realized that there is no substitute for being in touch with your target market. You have to know their pulse now.

Same goes with life. My healing journey thought me how to value the present – the NOW.

Always live in the moment.

Being aware on what’s happening around me – my eating patterns, ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and finding means to thrive on a stress-free environment.

This was not easy.

There were a lot of resistance on my side to accept my current situation but life has to move on.

Indeed, change has come.


My healing journey thought me to change for the better. 

So for A Dose of Ramedy today:

Embrace change. Be ready to adapt. Discern. Pray. Enjoy the journey!

God loves you, erp and erma!

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