Baking Your Way to Success!


My very supportive wife with her IG post on my bakery operations seminar. Mr. Gerry Samaniego Mendoza – our speaker [in white] and the proud owner of Eng Bee Tin Mr. Gerik Chua [in yellow] handing over the certificate of completion.   

How do you start a successful bakery business at home? It takes a good mix of baking skills, business acumen and a lot of passion.

I learned these from the Philippine Society of Baking’s (PSB) Bakery Operations & Management Seminar held last July 9, 2016 at the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association hub in Manila.


The future successful bakery owners with the industry’s creme de la creme during the seminar. 

Like any other business – bakery operations have more required skills to take it off to the next level.

Gone are the days of “have a capital – let’s start a bakery” mentality. Now, before you plunged into it, you really have to be keen in every nook and cranny of the business.

To be with the company of the best of the best in the bakery business in the country was a privileged. Our speaker was Mr. Gerry Samaniego Mendoza, a Bakery Consultant of US Wheat Associates (USW) with over 25 years of experience in the bakery ingredients industry.

His business perspective on how to operate a bakery was a treasure throve of wisdom and knowledge.

There were a lot to consider in kicking off a bakery – from a management perspective, you have the capacity to grow it to leaps and bounds by being dedicated to documenting everything. Put everything in paper – procedures, costings, requirements, etc.

Consistency, quality and dedication – few of the recipes for success to make it on top of the industry.

I never knew that Mathematics played a key role in this type of business. Yes, you heard it right. Bakery Math, it is. These are set of tools that every professional baker use to keep consistent quality in their products.

Prior to our seminar, there was even a separate workshop about Bakery Math – to show how crucial it was.

It will help you control your costs, adapting and improving your formulations and ensuring your profits.

I sat beside a past principal in Bulacan who wanted to start a baking business and an educator who taught kids how to start a small business.

We shared our experiences and learned from each other.

According to Mr. Mendoza, most of the ‘would be bakers’ fail because of financial management. He was referring to small business operators or craft bakers. They mixed up their daily sales with their daily family’s expenses without proper accounting. Money are lost and sooner or later the business closes.

I encourage everyone to buy this book: Proof – The Philippine Baker’s Guide by the Philippine Society of Baking, a commemorative 10 years anniversary black book for professional bakers.

Proof the Bakers

It’s a must have!

For more details on Philippine Society of Baking’s upcoming seminars, please visit their website: or check their facebook page: Philippine Society of Baking.

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