Aldub You!


4th cycle of chemo session (day 2) – July 16, 2015 [hooked on TV watching the launch of the Aldub phenomenon]

It was the clear blue-skies and the verdant majestic view of Mt. Makiling outside my room. They witnessed how my wife and I chuckled so hard at a TV show segment that became a part of my healing journey. July 16, 2015 was the second day of my chemo session (4th cycle) when I became a fan of Kalyeserye.

It was a simple gaze of admiration from a man full of hope and a grin from a very natural lady that launched a worldwide phenomenon called ALDUB (Alden & Yaya Dub).

It’s been a year now that ALDUB ignited the boob tube with a lot of historic feat. From smashing social media (Twitter) records, making TV rating’s history to imparting well-loved Filipino values – it was a show segment made from heaven.

I was hooked at Eat Bulaga even before this segment came in (I am the same age of the show- oldie me) but there was something different that you’ll be glued on your TV watching everyday with anticipation on what will happen on their story.

Is it because of the script? I don’t think so, it was very spontaneous, and it was not staged at all.

Is it because of the good looks? Not, at all. Yaya Dub was not your typical mestiza wannabee on TV.

Is it because of the antagonistic character of Lola Nidora? Probably, but the mix was just right to steer your interest to hate her and to fall in love with the main characters.

The comedy antics were part of the recipe.

The right word probably is that it came out NATURAL. Nothing superficial at all. Real emotions captured by the camera.

I am still an avid fan after a year. I saw the rollercoaster ride of the segment and also how showbiz landscape was changed partly by this phenomenon in only a year.

Advertisers were going gung-ho, followers from all-over the world shrills with excitement, the ‘kilig’ was just so natural, they captured the market from the young to the not so young – across the board from a young apos to the lolos and lolas. Low-income to high-income markets – they are smashing existing record sales.

In short, they took the Philippines by storm.

If you are a hard-core fan, you know what I am talking about – if every day, you are in the look-out for social media updates, the latest trends with Aldub and also the #walangtulugang Twitter party – you are like me.

From team bahay, team abroad, team twitter, team replay and many more teams supporting the fandom – different support groups sprouted like mushrooms all over the globe.

I am grateful that I discovered Aldub during the time where I am about to lose hope about life. It reminded me to always smile amidst the difficulties and to always look forward to many greater things in life – sa tamang panahon (in the right time).

I like how the management team of Aldub took a more strategic route in launching a solo movie after a year. I’ve watched it and it was oozing with so much ‘kilig’. I hope my wife could have joined me watching the movie but she has to work abroad. #LDRpamore

What did I learn from Aldub for being a part of my healing journey?

  • Life is short – don’t make it shorter. Laugh hard. Don’t be too serious.
  • Take one stride at a time. Don’t be in a hurry to achieve so many things. Yes, I agree with ‘strike the iron while it’s hot’, but don’t stress yourself too much.
  • There’s no substitute for doing good. Do good while you can. Extend a helping hand and make a difference to the lives of others.
  • Smile or shall I say smile more. If Alden did not make that historic dimple smile, you will not be able to see the startled big eyes of Maine. Just imagine your long time crush, smiling at you at the screen and you are caught off guard.
  • Be humble. For all the successes of Aldub, Alden and Maine remained grounded until now. People tried to hack Maine’s social account but they discovered nothing that this special lady should be ashamed off. She speaks and acts from a place of truth that makes you admire her more.
  • The right time will come. Not at your own pace but in God’s time. Be patient in waiting.
  • Love your fans more. This sustains the Aldub phenomenon. Without the support from the fans until today – it should have been gone in a few months.

To Alden & Maine (oh di ba close kami, first name basis), thank you for all the love. You have shown the world what a true Filipino is. I am behind you 100% mahirap sa unahan ang laki ko kasi eh.

To my fellow Aldub Nation fans, your love is so contagious – keep it flowing! I agree, positivity always.


PS: Twitter launched a special emoji for Aldub as a way of support for the worldwide phenomenon and there’s no better time to kick-it off today during the 1st year anniversary celebration! I love it! I pray that the Lord will give me more time in my life to witness Aldub’s overflowing love.

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