5 Seconds of Summer

Enjoying the beach at Laiya, Batangas near Tagaytay (1)

Yes! Finally, the beach!

It’s been a long while! I haven’t written any update on this blog and I have a lot of stories to tell. A lot of catching up for my dear readers.

How would you spend summer with a tumor on your belly?

Well, keep it simple and fun!

I am very grateful for having friends from PLM-SCA who are generous and blessed to share their summer fun time with me.

Last May 2016, we went to Laiya, Batangas. We met at Buendia station, hired a private van, and bought broiled chicken, a bucket of ice, cold drinks and a tons of kwento to share.

Sun, sea & skies! It was a blast! It was like my first time drenched in salt water. I was like a small boy dipped in the not so crystal clear water but enjoyed the company of friends.

Some tips on how to spend a great summer:

  1. Share. Do your part by sharing your time, talents and treasures. I am like on the kwento side hehehe and more time for creating lasting memories. God loves a cheerful giver! Either you do a Dutch treat or contribution type, whatever works for you, just share.
  2. Be in the moment. Leave all your worries behind in Metro Manila. Enjoy the scenery. Appreciate nature more. Puwedeng sumilip sa bintana at huwag lang matulog palagi sa biyahe.
  3. Have fun. Giggle as more as you can. Get excited with life and sing (even if you are out of tune) – nakavan naman kayo eh!

Life is short, don’t make it shorter.

Create more lasting memories and enjoy!

More articles and updates to come!

PS: After the fun & excitement, make sure that you wear the right swimming gear or else you’ll experience sun-kissed or shall I say sun-burned skin. Imagine balat ng lechon baboy (crispy, tempting but ouch!). I know right, the title of the entry is not related to the post. =)

Enjoying the beach at Laiya, Batangas near Tagaytay (2)

How I wish, I could parasail =) Pardon me for the cleavage of my kili-kili =)







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