The Cotton Candy Vendor


A duofie with Mr. Roel Buban – the cotton candy vendor who inspired a lot of people to live their dreams. 

He was very poor. He never graduated high school, he stayed only 3 days in class. He suffered stage 7 cancer – the cancer of the pocket. Stayed in a small house with 5 kids – during flash floods, a church became their shelter. He only earned Php200 a day to buy rice with sugar crumbs from the cotton candy machine. It was never an easy life.

For 12 years, he was a cleaner in a church.  Inherited poverty from 5 generations of his family.

One day, a pastor gave him a ticket to attend a 4Life convention in Hyatt Hotel – the ticket was rejected by everyone – his clincher was the free food offered at the convention.

He saw the chafing dish with a sumptuous feast of delicious meals that he never tasted in his entire life.

Until he heard the rags to riches story of an undergraduate Fadzli Salim from Singapore on how becoming a 4Life member helped him reached his dream for his family.

He felt inspired and made an action.

For Php20, his transportation fare going to and from the 4Life head office in Ortigas, he started to build his dream, believing in himself that he can make a difference.

In the morning he was a cotton candy vendor but in the afternoon a 4Life advocate.

For four (4) months, he attended training and seminars at 4Life head office. With a pair of jeans and a disheveled white long sleeve, it was not easy for him to inspire other people.

But, he persisted.

His wife was the antagonist. He was about to give up but he didn’t.

700 rejections from families, relatives and friends. No one believed him.

Until the big break came.

His commitment and determination to make his dream a reality was his strength to continue the 4Life journey.

Now, he is one of the most requested speakers in 4Life. From Php200 a day as a cotton candy vendor to a 4Life advocate with an average income of Php250,000 – Php500,000 a month.

His income in 4Life business helped him turn his life around. They moved into a condominium, sent his children back to school, and bought a brand new car. In addition to providing a better life for his family, he achieved his childhood dream of riding on an airplane. He traveled to many places, including Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, and Miami, Florida. In 2014, he received the Silver Dollar award.

His success is a proof that no matter what your background is, with hard work and determination you can change your destiny through 4Life.

If he can do it, you can also.

Know more about the 4Life business, please click here.

More of Roel Buban, on this video.


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