On Becoming a Breadwinner


When do you say no as a breadwinner? As an eldest, it was a challenge to juggle your personal concerns and your family’s challenges. One way or the other, you have to sacrifice and let go of things that you can’t change.

I learn from being a breadwinner to think more of others than yourself. When I worked abroad, I never missed a remittance to my parents and to my brother. It came to a point that even if I was diagnosed with cancer, I still thought of the finances for them.

I think I am tied up with being a breadwinner for the rest of my life. I don’t have any regret about it. Family is family.

I could have missed a lot of opportunities to save more and to travel the world but I clanged on God’s promise of abundance.

I may not have all the riches in this world but I am grateful for the opportunity to have a second chance in life.

I was able to have more time with my family. Deal with the daily concerns, appreciate where my remittances are going to and more than that, is to thank God for having a family such as mine.

Until now, I am still a proud breadwinner amidst the challenge of conquering cancer every day.

How do you accept your fate as a breadwinner for life?

1. Let go & let God. I know, it is difficult to accept that you are tied up for the rest of your life. But, always remember that what matters most in life is not what you accumulate in this planet but what you have invested in the afterlife, which is eternity. You are doing this for your family, out of your love for God. This is where your relationship with Him matters.

2. Strengthen your relationship with the Lord. Keep in touch with God. Pray daily. Share to Him all your concerns and worries. Stay in God’s grace. Avoid occasions of sins.

3. More of Him & less of me. In everything you do, offer it to Him. People will get inspiration from what you do but point them always to the source of love and graces, which is the Lord. Praise Him every day with thanksgiving. Breathe with praises of gratitude.

If you are a breadwinner and can relate to what I am going through, I want you to stay strong and keep the faith.

A lovely song from the movie Joseph – King of Dreams! It inspires one to have faith and trust in God, even when everything around us collapses into darkness… because He (God) knows better than us!

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