The Curse of Network Marketing?



People are people. They are not a number. They have goals, dreams & desires. Network marketing is not a sales business in itself. Network marketing is a teaching & mentoring business. So the track record & attitude of leadership is critical.

You’ve got to find people who will raise their hand, looking for you and/or your product, your service, your opportunity.

Too often, somebody calls you up, pitching you. They don’t even know who you are. They don’t care who you are. They don’t care anything about you.

I’ve heard certain network marketing leaders say, “It’s a relationship business.” And many of these people have never built a relationship with anybody.

Why? It’s all about the greed & the ego. The fancy watch, fancy jewelry, fancy suit, exotic cars, being the superstar, all that stuff.

Do they ever help the person who’s been squashed by life?

Do they ever pay for the next guy going through the toll gate?

Do they ever just freely give their time to mentor others, expecting nothing in return?

Do they ever use their income to buy good tools for those in their group who are obviously trying to build?

Do they make themselves available at any time when you need help?

Do they reply promptly to your emails or phone messages?
No, they don’t.

Instead, it’s always about greed & ego, me, me, me. It’s never about the other person.

You truly have to care about people. And then you won’t have the greed and the ego. And that is the kind of person who can build huge in network marketing, because you will attract people just like you!

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