Building Blocks for Supplement Success

Transfer Factor Products

Life is full of questions without easy answers. People often wonder, “What’s the best supplement for my specific need?” Below are the key categories to better identify and address real needs, achieve goals, and more confidently build a 4Life business.

Level 1

A healthy lifestyle- quality exercise, proper nutrition, and a positive approach to life- forms the foundation for your overall health. 4Life offers real solutions to help you build a core plan for supplemental success.

Immune System support
Supporting your immune system is paramount to leading a robust life.

4Life Solutions (pick at least one):
4Life Transfer Factor products.

Supplemental Protein
Provide your body with quality protein every few hours to support healthy blood, glucose levels, metabolism and immune system.

4Life Solutions: PRO-TF

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids provide vital support for every cell in your body, especially heart, brain, skin, hair, teeth, nails and eyes.

4Life Solutions: BioEFA with CLA

Adaptogenic ingredients help you recover more efficiently to stress to maintain a healthy, balanced state.

4Life Solutions: Renuvo

Supplement your diet with a source of beneficial fruits and vegetables to provide a host of health benefits.

4Life Solutions (pick at least one):
4 Life Transfer Factor RioVida
Tri-Factor Formula products

Level 2
After you’ve build a solid foundation, you may need additional tools to help you live your fullest life. 4Life is here to help with age- and/or gender specific products like 4Life Transfer MalePro

Level 3

Once your foundation is well-established and you’ve addressed your needs, it’s time to look at your wants. Supplemental wants are like finishing touches on a new home.

Follow a personalized supplement plan to help you become more focused, effective and fruitful in your health and long-term business goals.


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