Have you heard of individuals who took advantage of a special opportunity at the right time and right place, which changed their lives forever? This could be one of those moments for you!

Making a real difference in this world, by touching lives through transfer factors.

Word of this major discovery is quickly spreading around the world.

Because of the increase in disease and health problems around the world and more consciousness of how we look, feel and age, this discovery is even more important.

There has never been a health product available with the potential of Tri-Factors.

This opportunity has created a very unusual opportunity for people just like you and me.

Transfer Factor isn’t a vitamin, herb, mineral, phytonutrient or like any other nutrient in the market.

Transfer Factor creates a complete new category of nutrition beyond any other nutritional product. This is a fact that can be proven.

More than $40 million have been invested in research of transfer factors.

There are more than 3000 studies on transfer factors.

Scientists from many countries in the world have been researching transfer factors for more than 50 years.

Only now has technology advanced to a point that this breakthrough can be brought to the public.

This is your chance to make a major difference in this world. You have the opportunity to earn a great deal of money by helping others discover this breakthrough in science!

The opportunity I am going to share with you is provided by 4Life Research, based in Utah, USA.

The key to the greatness of this opportunity is the humanitarian leadership.

The definition of humanitarian: To have a concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.

Because of the desire of the leadership of this company to help people just like you and me.

This product isn’t sold through: pharmaceutical companies and department stores or franchises.

Instead of helping the rich get richer, people like you and me can benefit.

4Life Research uses a “Consumer-Based Marketing Model”, through which to take its products to the world!

4Life Research eliminates the middle people between it and the consumer.

Saving 52%-57% of its revenue for people like YOU!

How much can you earn? It is up to you!

We have distributors that earn from nothing all the way up to five and six figure incomes!

How do I earn money?
Example of a 4Life Leader position:
1. You purchase product at wholesale!
2. You receive a 25% rebate of amount of products purchased over 100LP!
3. You receive a 25% bonus on Preferred Customers!
4. You receive a 25% bonus on the first purchase of new distributors!
5. You receive a 25% bonus for all distributors on your second level of pay!
6. You receive bonuses on purchases of product by people that you shared this opportunity with who tell others who do the same!

How do we compare to the competition?

We pay the highest commissions in the world! 4Life’s payout is up to 64%

Why is this one of my best chances to secure a nice residual income?
–  This Consumer Based Business Model allows you to participate in more than 50% of its (the company’s) revenue without a major investment or inventories.
-It allows you to leverage your time through other people that experience the effectiveness of these products.
– You can do this business in your free time or part-time and work your way up wherever you would like to be.
– You receive all of the training you need to succeed.
– You are not alone! You have unparalleled support!

If you desire to discover your full potential, lets team up and do something spectacular.

Thanks for considering this opportunity!

Is 4Life a Scam?
4Life ranks as one of the top 25 MLM companies today according to Nexera. Thousands of people are right now earning a few hundred, a few thousand and even tens of thousands of dollars each and every month as a result of the work they put in to build a profitable network.

The PROFIT POTENTIAL is certainly there.

The question is… are you IN or are you Out?

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