Family Weekend Breakfast


My queen during our special welcome back home breakfast.


“Home is where the heart is.”

It was not easy being diagnosed with cancer if you don’t have a supportive family with you. I was grateful that the Lord blessed me with a loving family and made my journey more bearable to handle.

A day after the arrival of my wife, we had a breakfast at a special place where good food, homey ambience and impeccable service fused together with a good panoramic vista of the Taal volcano.

The interior design brought us back to the old Spanish colonial era with big portraits of the owners welcoming excited foodies.

They served well-loved Filipino dishes. My wife enjoyed the freshly made puto bumbong and the hot chocolate made from tablea.


My loving family, my beautiful mother-in-law Mama Dorie, the future dental queen Kle, the future Sigmund Freud in the family Aya, my queen & the warrior at the battle of Nutella.


My wife had a great time together with my mother-in-law and her sisters.

It was a bit difficult to walk because of the side effects of my oral chemo but I made it through. I have a swollen left foot but I managed to walk the mini grand staircase of the restaurant.

‘Create lasting memories that inspires hope and wonderful moments together,’ this is my mantra now. I don’t know when the Lord will take my life back but while I still have it, I will spend it with more love and more passion for the people that matters most to me.

Stay positive and smile always!


Creating memories with my wife & family



The sign caught my attention and if I may add, let’s not waste time to express our love to one another.



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