My Chemo & Secret Pill


Nothing to be afraid of.


When people talked about chemotherapy, fear and death were always associated with this cancer treatment. Several cancer patients would not choose it at all as an option.

But, I took the opposite direction with hope.

Chemotherapy should not be dreaded at all. Like any treatment, possible side effects would happen.

But, you have to be aware of it and be prepared ahead of time.

I learned from my cancer journey that prior to any medical procedure, you should take a proactive role as a patient. I never stopped asking questions to my cancer care team. I was too inquisitive bordering to being an annoying patient.

If there was any person in the room that should understand what chemotherapy could do – it should be you.

The cancer care team gave me a first line of defense through chemo. I was given carboplatin and etoposide. I was admitted in Cabrini for three (3) straight days per cycle.

I had six (6) cycles in total. I took each cycles one at a time. The experience was nothing short of being memorable.

I remained optimistic and full of faith.


My veins finally caught playing hide & seek.


Of course, my veins were not so friendly at first; it wanted to play hide and seek, but my nurses were good at putting cannula. Most of the time one shot, if the odds were not in my favor – four shots.

My nurses saw me at my worst before the chemo. Bed-ridden, helpless and was fragile to move an inch.

The first cycle of chemo was unforgettable; you would felt the surge of chemical substance that invaded my veins. I thought I would pass out but I did not.

The chemo was effective. It wiped out the cancer cells that metastasized to the liver and to the colon.

I was able to regain my energy, I sat again, stood up and made sure to say a cheerful hello at the nursing station when I passed by.

I got my first semi-kalbo haircut not because of the chemo but because of the scorching heat of summer.

Yes, I was immune-compromised but I fought hard to remain calm and stable during the cycles. The occasional visits of friends and relatives were discouraged to avoid infection but they still came to cheer me up.

During the entire experience, there was a wonder drug that made me tougher during the chemo.

I took a secret pill that boosted my immune system.

I was grateful that a family friend doctor introduced it to me; it wiped out all my misconceptions about chemo treatment.

The secret pill was a wonder drug that aided me to survive the ordeal.

Now, on the 11th day of the month, the wedding monthsary celebration with my wife. I took a leap of faith to broaden my horizon in helping others.

It is time to pay it forward by sharing the secret pill to everyone.

Brace yourself for this secret pill as I unveil it soon.

The secret pill made a difference in my life. If you have friends, relatives, colleagues at work who have the same battle with me, be a messenger of hope by sharing it to them.

More about it, on my upcoming post.

Have a great and blessed weekend to everyone!

“Live today! Do not allow your spirit to be softened of your happiness to be limited by a day you cannot have back or a day that does not yet exist.”


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