The Flight Back Home


It was poignant but life has to move on.


After the surgery, I was asked by Dr. Kattan to go back to the Philippines for the chemotherapy treatment.

The last few days were a bit sentimental.

It was not easy to let go but life has to move on.

Our CFC community brothers and sisters and close friends were a big help to ease the pain.

I cried a river when I left.

But, hopeful for a new journey back in the Philippines.

I am grateful for my employer because they booked a business class flight for me and my wife.


Tempted to eat but I don’t have the appetite. Waiting at the Alfursan business class lounge.


The staple wires were still intact and it caused some concern when I passed by the metal detector machine at the airport even if I have all the medical endorsement to Saudia Airlines. I showed my stapled wounds to the airport police and he was shocked.

Waited for a few hours before we boarded the plane – reminisced a lot of great memories.

The flight stewardess were helpful.


The face tells it all.


Unfortunately, I did not enjoyed the sumptuous food because of lack of appetite. I ate like a chirping bird.

The nine-hour flight was an ordeal. There was turbulence when we crossed Persian Gulf going to the Indian Ocean.

Praise God and thank you Lord, the plane landed safely.


The view from my chair.


I asked assistance from the stewardess going to the toilet. She asked me about my health condition. I told her I have a rare case of pancreas cancer. Immediately, she prayed over me without battling of an eyelash. Other passengers were surprised. I was advised by the stewardess that I could have told earlier the flight team about my case for special assistance.

I thanked her. The gesture was more than enough.

I was on wheelchair. The airport staff aided us through the immigration and the baggage counter. It was a breeze.

It was cloudy when I arrived in the Philippines.

There were slight drizzles of rain- a symbol of blessing and hope for the next part of the healing journey.

“It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.”


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