Wounded Oysters


Soon will be many pearls…

When seemingly needless suffering invades our lives, we often ask ourselves, “Who needs all this grief? I am already wounded.”  But consider, for a moment, the origin of pearl.

A pearl is impossible without the wound.

How many times have we been wounded?  Did we produce pearls out of these wounds?

A natural pearl begins its life as a foreign object, such as a parasite or piece of shell that accidentally lodges itself in an oyster’s soft inner body. To ease this irritant, the oyster’s body takes defensive action. The oyster begins to secrete a smooth, hard crystalline substance around the irritant in order to protect itself. This substance is called “nacre.” As long as the irritant remains within its body, the oyster will continue to secrete nacre around it, layer upon layer. Over time, the irritant will be completely encased by the silky crystalline coatings. And the result, ultimately, is the lovely and lustrous pearl.

Like an oyster, we are also wounded by irritants; we have nacre that serves as our protection; and ultimately we produce pearls in life. Why did I say so?

We can compare this to problems and challenges in life. It can be a person that irritates us every day or a harrowing experience that makes us uncomfortable. In my case my journey with cancer.

These irritant comes without any warning and comes when you least expect it.

Let me share to you a story, I have a friend in college who got pregnant and her boyfriend left her with nothing. It was a major blow in her life and a traumatic experience

She was an achiever in college and she never thought of becoming a single mother at a young age. She has a beautiful daughter but she doesn’t know how to raise a child.

We have our own “nacre” like the oyster.  This is the power within us to face and combat life’s irritants.  To some their life’s nacre is their faith; for others, it can be their unfailing love for their families and relatives.

Nacres vary from one person to the other and it can also be the same. Do you know what your nacre is?

We should discover our nacre. For all we know, we already have it but we fail to recognize its presence in our lives

Going back to my friend, her family serves as her nacre. Her family was there, when she almost lost hope. There were some moments that she wanted to put an end to her life but her family stood strong, cried with her and endured her pains and sufferings. The family remained faithful to God and prayed for her healing.

It was an answered prayer. Now, she became more optimistic in life.

Her daughter also became her nacre and her reason to live everyday.

Every morning, her daughter greets her: “Good morning my beautiful Mama!”

Ultimately, we produced our pearls.

My friend became a pearl to her family and daughter. She became a caring and a loving person. To her friend she was an inspiration. Being wounded did not hamper her to move forward in life.

We are like wounded oysters, there will always be irritants in life, but we also have our own nacre that will help us produce our own pearls.

We must move forward from our woundedness and become the instruments of love and light we are all destined to be.

Thomas Moore once said:

“Here bring your wounded hearts; here tell your anguish;
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.”

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