happy 23rd!


Our kindergarten photos – don’t be distracted with my glossy pouted lips=)


Being diagnosed with cancer is a blessing.  Some may not agree but living as if it’s your last day makes you more appreciate what you have now. I mean – NOW.

Today is a great day.

Another chance to live a life worthy of living.

When I was diagnosed last year, I thought my world crumbled into pieces. I was quiet for several days. It was difficult to accept the reality that I have a dreaded disease.

But, in the silence of my heart I was reminded of the selfless love of God.



This life was not mine in the first place.

It was a gift from God.

Who am I to question his plans for me?

I rediscovered how His love was so powerful to turn despair into hope.

A hope for healing and for a new beginning.

Even in my last breath His embrace of love comforts my weary soul.

My wife sent me last Valentine’s Day a USB filled with photos of my cancer journey and inspirational songs that we love both.

Every 11th and 23rd of the month is a reminder of His love for giving me Mrs. Maria Judith Bayot- Borja, my 4G (God’s greatest gorgeous gift).

Thank you for letting me see the face of God through your love. Happy 23rd of the month!

In my journey with cancer, this is a special song from the USB playlist my wife sent.

A strong reminder from God about His comforting love.

Wag Ka Nang Umiyak
KZ Tandingan

Wag ka nang umiyak, sa mundong pabago-bago
pag-ibig ko ay totoo
ako ang iyong bangka, kung magalit man
ang alon, ng panahon, sabay tayong aahon

Kung wala ka nang maintindihan
Kung wala ka nang makapitan
Kapit ka sa akin, kapit ka sa akin
Di kita bibitawan

Wag kang umiyak, mahaba man ang araw
uuwi ka sa yakap ko
wag mo nang damdamin kung wala ako sayong tabi
iiwan kong puso ko sa yo
at kung pakiramdam mo’y wala ka nang kakampi
isipin mo ako dahil puso’t isip ko’y
nasa yong tabi


…di kita pababayaan

Kapit ka, kumapit ka
(para sa buhay ng buhay ko)

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