saling-pusa servant


A young volunteer for PPCRV.


1992 was a special year.

The first presidential election after EDSA People Power revolution was a major talk of the town.

Buntings with faces of candidates adorned the electrical post. The festive ambience during campaign sorties were like an entertainment show peppered with speeches and promises from the candidates.

The campaign posters were like wallpapers in the buildings. Patung-patong na poster ba naman!

It was so thick that the Metro Aide would take several days to peel it off.

There was no facebook, twitter or instagram to amplify the message of the presidential hopefuls that time. Candidates flocked to the streets – handshakes left and right, beaming with a smile plus free t-shirts or candies.

Buhay ang mga bata dahil sa white rabbit at tootsie roll ng mga kandidato!

Young and naïve, I never knew that it was a crucial part of history- until I became a saling-pusa servant.

It was the first time that the Parish of the Holy Cross in Makati where I served as a lector during the children’s mass, spearheaded a local election watchdog from the religious sector- the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

There were many volunteers from the parish workers. The enthusiasm and vigor to serve was very inspiring.

The PPCRV local coordinator, Sis. Virgie Flores organized a group of young children to be dispatcher. The task was simple- smile and give sandwiches to the volunteers.

The cheerfulness of my fellow young volunteers was contagious. Voters smiled when they saw us. More than that, they were reminded to vote wisely for their children’s future.

On the other hand, I saw the passion of the teachers – they guarded the ballots with their life.

They argued with some paid candidates’ poll watchers but they remained calm, poised and courteous.

Looking back, the experience always make me smile. Age is not a barrier to make a difference for our nation- big or small.

Even if I have a cancer, I can still exercise my right to vote.  Officially a transferred voter from Riyadh, KSA to Imus, Cavite.


Finally, a voter again. Excited for the 2016 May elections!

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