happy 37 years of love!


The soldier & the baker fell in love.


Life was hard in Dapa, Surigao Del Norte. She grew as a farmer; climbed coconut trees and planted rice for a living.  At a young age, she witnessed the debilitating clutches of poverty in the province.

On the other side of the island of Surigao, town of Columbus, a young boy grew as a fishermen. He aided his father as early as 3am in a small bangka, holding the petromax light while they casted net to the sea. The strong waves of the Pacific Ocean trained him to be a brave man.

They both went to Manila. Battled it out with other probinsiyanos in the metropolis.


The tenacious mother.

The young lady worked as a kasambahay. She never knew how to speak Tagalog. Her pure Visayan charm endeared her employer. She was an eager beaver and became a premier baker. Her tenacity inspired others.



The brave & courageous father.


The young man went to Philippine Constabulary.  The training was hell but he managed to stand tall. Courage and optimism were part of his armor in the artillery.

Both resilient, they met and fell in love.

To my loving parents who taught me to never give up, happy wedding anniversary!

Baba & Mama

After 37 years of roller coaster ride.


I pray that the Lord will give you more years together.

Thank you for inspiring me every day!

I love you both!

4 thoughts on “happy 37 years of love!

  1. I recommend u continously weave stories….malay mo ikaw hinahantay ng gma para magkaroon ngmas magagandang teleserye…make novels n you will get loads n tons pag nag best seller na. Yan ang dream ng high school principal ko para sa akin. And the back reccesses of my mind, gusto kong gawin pag umuwi na ako…hahaha dream high peg ng tita ninang mo….prayers are with and for u.


  2. It was really a great love story….. 37 years ago!! I was so touched on how his parents met and became strong on their journey!! Ramed, you have the greatest parents and I wanna say… Congratulations to both of you!! God bless you always!


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