mayo clinic vs king faisal

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Don’t get distracted by my cleavage. My wife took this photo while I am asleep. Yellow skin got worse.


After we met with Dr. Basherbashi, he required us to send the biopsy plates either to Mayo Clinic in USA or to King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH & RC) – Riyadh for further investigation to identify the treatment plan for my rare case of pancreas cancer.

The procedure was to bring the biopsy plates to the lab team of Specialized Medical Center (SMC) and endorsed the plates to Mayo Clinic or to KFSH & RC with the oncologist’s recommendation and insurance approval.

It would take some time sending the plates to Mayo Clinic in USA plus the cost was too high compared to doing it that time in Riyadh.

With the only cancer research center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- the best option was KFSH & RC.

However, when my wife brought the plates to the lab team of SMC. A heartless fellow Filipino (kabayan) – took the plates, brushed off my wife and said:

“You know my SR5000 starts now! Fee ko yan sa 2nd opinion ko.”

“Foreigner ba asawa mo? Hindi yan Pinoy! Arabo ba yan?”

“Bihira sa Pinoy ang may ganyan, rare case yan ah!”

“Dapat sa Mayo Clinic sa USA dalhin ang plates!”

He took a big book, made a litany of his predicaments and showed the world I am bigger than you.

My wife humbly explained that yes it was a rare case of cancer, her husband was a Filipino; in a courteous manner, she pleaded that it should be done immediately.

“Dalawa kasi sinulat ng doctor mo, kung ako sa Mayo Clinic dapat,” the lab head insisted.

“Di ko alam kung tatanggapin yan ng King Faisal,” he added.

Without any empathy, the lab head was power tripping big time.

My wife saw the other lab technician’s eye full of dismay with their colleague.

One of the SMC staff approached my wife and said:

“Ganyan talaga yan dito.”

Knowing her, she could have make a scene in the hospital but chose not to.

My wife opted to understand the situation. She must be home because I was left alone.

There are bigger battles worth fighting for. This one was not.

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