a loving God


As we usher in the love month, I was stunned when the priest last Sunday’s mass reminded me that amidst our sufferings, challenges and shortcomings – the Lord loves us so much.

A love more than what we can imagine. ‘Ang tunay na forever.’

Indeed, the Lord guided me in the battle of Nutella.

To accept my fate as a cancer victim wasn’t easy (sino bang may gusto nito?) but through His unfailing love – I realized that I was a cancer conqueror.

A victory that was not mine but Him.

Amidst the pain, I felt God’s loving embrace.

He carried me through. (totoo yan sa bigat kong ‘toh, binuhat ako ni Lord!)

The PNet survival rate has an average of five (5) years to live. I am on my way to my first year. (maraming salamat Lord!)



To my fellow cancer conquerors and to my blog readers, believe in God’s love. ‘Mahal ka ni Lord!’ He will never stop loving us. Feel God’s embrace every day.

The devil will always cast doubt, feeling of unworthiness and fear in our hearts. But, with His assurance of love – who are we to question Him. He is bigger that our worries, problems, struggles and challenges.

Healing is at hand! Claim ko na ‘toh, kayo din =)



A random moment of kindness experience. I was surprised at the supermarket when a good Samaritan offered a prayer for my healing journey with cancer. Her brother died of the big C and she knew the battle. An angel in disguise to keep my faith ablaze! Thank you Lord for the awemazing love experience! Every day counts – love more!


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