juices & healthy living

From baking soda treatment, daily alkaline water intake, carrot blended juice, ampalaya (bitter gourd) juice – name it, being a cancer patient you will be bombarded with different fool-proof solutions for healing from social media, family, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.

You really have to sift through it and find what suits you. Food intake varies from one patient to the other depending on the advice of your doctor. So, you really have to consult your physician- before doing anything.

Being a PNet cancer patient – you actually can eat anything under the sun according to my doctor as long as it’s edible, healthy and rich with nutrients.

Moderation is the key- not so little or too much, just enough to sustain you during the day.

The digestion of fat or lipid is a major issue for me since the pancreas is affected by the tumor. As much as possible, I avoid eating fatty foods.

I have also a history of gouty arthritis and abnormal uric acid levels- so I need to avoid food with high purines because this will exacerbate the flare attack – a reddish inflammation of the joints in your feet or hands that is very painful.

Usually, a flare attack occurs when I eat meat – so I try to avoid it. But, who can resist the temptation of having a slab of lechon after working in Saudi Arabia for so many years where pork is prohibited? Right?

Below are my juice arsenal that I did myself, which is very easy to prepare. Even your kids can do it for you.

2015-11-05 08.47.03

Banana & papaya blitz blended juice


2015-10-29 16.39.46

Papaya, banana & mango blended smoothie!


2015-11-02 14.58.08

Fresh carrot juice

2015-10-29 09.41.10

Healthy ampalaya (bitter gourd) juice

2015-11-09 10.49.22

Papaya & honey combo – very refreshing!

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