the long winding road


Looking at the horizon – the view from Taal Vista Hotel during my 2015 birthday celebration. A very special gift from my wife.


You’ll ask why the blog only now?

It was a tough call to write and to recall your journey back to where it started. It was never easy remembering the painful experience.

But, I believe after several medical procedures- Endoscopy, ERCP, MRI, PET & Ocreotide Scans, 9-hours of surgical operation, plus medical insurance that went overboard,  nine (9) hours travel from KSA to the Philippines few days after the surgery, being bed ridden for several months, painful bed sores, saying goodbye to your job to get your end of service awards for cancer treatment, long distance relationship with your loving wife, tons of antibiotics/pills/IVs, several syringe of anesthesia, six (6) sessions of chemotherapy/ 3 days straight per session, hours of travel from Cavite to Batangas for my medical check-up at St. Frances Cabrini Cancer Institute and many more.

I am still alive.

There are still a lot of blessings that I am thankful for.

Every day brings a new hope, a new opportunity and a new act of love to be shared to everyone.

After almost a year, I can share my experiences online as my way of thanking God and expressing my sincerest gratitude to all the people who prayed, shared financial assistance in my cancer treatment and those who offered their time to be with me in this journey.

I am grateful for so many angels sent by God guiding, loving and serving me.

I always share this to my friends in my social media accounts – the victory is not mine but God alone.

He sent me in this battle of Nutella with a faith of a warrior.

He trusted me so much – so who am I not to give it back to Him.

It’s a relief to finally write, I never knew that I will be doing this but I guess I have a purpose. It’s probably more than I can imagine.

This might be my passion that I failed to discover while being busy with the clutters of the world.

Join me as I rediscover myself as a soldier- praising and worshipping God in the most gruesome battle of Nutella.

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