the warrior


The little soldiers caught off guard. My brother crying, why? Your guess is as good as mine.


Growing up having a Philippine Constabulary army father, I was trained to be tough.

Sta. Ana, Manila was my big playground. I learned street games that children of today doesn’t know.

A memorable childhood- combatant but with a heart. I am not the studious type but a smart little warrior.

Honed by the public education program of the government from elementary to college – life was not a breeze but pure hardwork, dedication and commitment. There was no short cut to success.

The warrior in me – placed me in the honor roll with dignity and pride for my family.

Being the only boy from the top 5 of the class in primary years, I learned how to farm, make a dustpan & an apron, cook Morisqueta Tostada (special fried rice), recite a poem (The Child’s World), and be the representative of Sta. Ana Elementary School in the Samahang Munting Mamamayan (SMM) leadership bout among the best of the best little Manilenos that time.

During the secondary years, I was like a diesel – heating up to the end but always engine-focused. Graduated Salutatorian in Mariano Marcos High School after snatching the Best in Radio Broadcasting (National Level) Championship in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) up the ante of my high school life representing the Philippines in the student exchange program with South Korea. Extra-curricular activities catapulted me – inching a few points from the next best student in the line. Being a Battalion Commander from my Cadet Army Training (CAT), woke up the little soldier’s blood for courage, valor and further honor.

College was a different ballgame- graduating as the only Magna Cum Laude from the Bachelor of Mass Communication, batch of the new millennium (2000) at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) made me delusional of success. I thought landing a job was easy but it was not.

Being an honor graduate is just but a small piece in the puzzle of success that can make or break you.

Jumping from one company to the other, I found myself in the retail marketing field. It was a roller coaster ride – ups and downs – twirling politics on the side, dog eats dog, name it you will be devour alive for being stupid. Head held high but feet on the ground.

Always on the prowl for growth, I took a big leap to the land of black gold.

Middle East was a farfetched destination of working abroad when I was young. Of all the places in the world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) was my training ground. Scorching heat of the desert to another level and mustering corporate politics was part of the game plan.

But, the Battle of Nutella was a force to reckon with. A raging war that the warrior was not prepared to deal with.

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