Being diagnosed with PNet, it was not easy to live a life that you were not used to before.

After a few days of the big breaking news, I lost my appetite. The PNet tumor in the pancreas head blocked the digestive tract from my stomach and liver to the small intestines. It was very difficult to digest the food.

I was not able to eat properly. I puked.

The bile from the liver was secreted directly to the blood stream. It did not pass through the usual digestive tract because of the blockade caused by the tumor.

I was like a yellow bruised banana from my scalp to the sole of my feet.

Bilirubin was to the roof. Salt was my perspiration.

The itch threw me to the wall.

Sleepless nights.


Several visits to the hospital yield nothing but nausea.

I never knew that it was a tough battle.

Prior to my PNet diagnosis, abnormal uric acid level was my new normal. Gouty arthritis left and right at my hands and feet.

Pain after pain – but the warrior is just on the initial stage of the battle.

Onward we go.

Can I carry on?

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